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Bull Huss

Bull huss or just plain old Huss are a shark species quite similar in appearance to Dogfish. They go by a few names, large / greater spotted dogfish but are actually a species of Catshark.

There are a few differences though, Huss have pertruding/flared nasel flaps. The key one is that Huss grow to a far larger size, up to 5 times bigger. The shore caught record for a Bull Huss in the UK is 19lb 14oz ( Pwllheli Beach, 1992). This is just under the UK boat record of 22lb 4oz (Minehead, 1986)

If you plan to target Huss then try to do so at night. They can be caught during the day however studies have shown them to be a nocturnal predators. Fish baits and whole squid are known to work well, I caught a cracker using a live, large pouting (Ty Croes). Big baits, big fish is the saying.

The Huss in the top picture was caught on baited Mackerel feathers (with actual Mackerel) in the Menai Strait.

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