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Flounder are a resident flat fish that can be targeted year round.

They can be caught all along the UKs sandy beaches, shallow or deep. Flounder are also adapted to live in brackish water. This means you will be able to target them in estuaries, its surprising how far up river you can catch them.

The UK shore caught record for Flounder comes in at 5lb 7oz. Typically anglers catch them between one and two pounds in weight.

I practice catch and release most of the time but have tried most fish. Flounder has to be in my top 5 due to taste and texture, it was fantastic. That or I’m a good cook, I’m more inclined to say its the former…

I’m a firm believer in that you are what you eat. Flounder can be resident to estuaries year round so check the area is safe to eat fish from. (Ie heavy industry polluting water ways in the past with heavy metal etc)

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