Shark and Ray handling technique

Shark and Ray handling technique is a key bit of knowledge all anglers should be armed with.

As more anglers are targeting these prime species and catch and release is becoming more popular. The chance of hooking these powerful fish regardless, appears to be on the increase.

I’m not the only one to notice catches are increasing. Maybe the factory ships taking a bit of a break for a few months has helped numbers. Quite a few larger Bass seem to have shown up around the coast in the last few months too. Anyway I digress.

Rather than try and reinvent the wheel I found a great poster, courtesy of the Sharktrust. It perfectly illustrates Shark handling and Ray handling technique.

Its a key and on point poster. Shark species have no rib cage to support their internal organs. This means they can be damaged without the buoyancy of the water to support them. Improper handling can easily damage the gills of these species without the angler realising. Support the stomach and secure the tail.

Check out the website is has some great reference tools for sea anglers. Further information on fish handling and identification.

Check out our Shark purse and Ray purse identification guide HERE

Tight lines and take care.

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