Sea fishing rigs explained

Shore angling in the United Kingdom is a cherished tradition, with anglers exploring the diverse coastal waters in pursuit of a variety of fish species. A critical aspect of successful shore fishing lies in the selection of appropriate rigs. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the top 12 sea fishing rigs favored by shore anglers in the UK, shedding light on their designs and applications to help anglers maximize their chances of success.

  1. Pulley Rig: Application: Ideal for handling strong tidal currents, the Pulley Rig minimizes the impact of the tide on the fishing line. This design allows for better control over bait presentation, making it effective in areas with challenging tidal conditions.
  2. Running Ledger Rig: Application: Versatile and suitable for various conditions, the Running Ledger Rig allows bait to move naturally with the current. It’s an excellent choice for targeting a wide range of fish species.
  3. Flapper Rig: Application: Specifically designed for flatfish like flounders and plaice, the Flapper Rig features multiple hook setups that present bait close to the seabed. It maximizes the chances of enticing these bottom-dwelling species.
  4. Feather Rig: Application: An excellent choice for mackerel and other pelagic species, the Feather Rig is adorned with colorful lures resembling small fish. It is particularly effective when schools of predatory fish are present near the shore.
  5. Clip-Down Rig: Application: Geared towards increasing casting distance, the Clip-Down Rig features a release mechanism that keeps the bait close to the lead during casting. Once in the water, the rig deploys, presenting the bait attractively on the seabed.
  6. Up and Over Rig: Application: Known for its exceptional casting capabilities, the Up and Over Rig is a reliable choice for targeting larger species. The bait is positioned away from the lead, reducing the risk of tangling during the cast.
  7. Paternoster Rig: Application: A classic and versatile rig, the Paternoster Rig suspends the bait above the seabed. This setup is effective for various fishing conditions and is suitable for both flatfish and larger species.
  8. Baited Spoon Rig: Application: Specifically designed for bass and similar species, the Baited Spoon Rig incorporates a metal spoon with bait attached. The spoon’s movement in the water mimics live prey, attracting predatory fish.
  9. Pennel Rig: Application: Suited for targeting larger fish like cod and conger eels, the Pennel Rig features two hooks, increasing the chances of hooking and securing the catch. It’s a robust choice for anglers seeking substantial prizes.
  10. Mackerel Feather Rig: Application: A staple for mackerel fishing, the Mackerel Feather Rig is adorned with multiple feathered or silver stripped lures. This rig imitates small prey and is highly effective when mackerel are close to the shore during specific seasons.
  11. 3-Hook Flapper Rig: Application: An extension of the traditional Flapper Rig, the 3-Hook Flapper Rig increases the chances of a successful catch by presenting multiple baited hooks. It is effective in areas with a variety of fish species.
  12. Shore Pulley Rig: Application: A modified version of the Pulley Rig, the Shore Pulley Rig is designed for use in shallower waters. It maintains control over bait presentation and is suitable for locations where tidal currents may still be a factor.


As shore anglers embark on their fishing expeditions along the picturesque coastlines of the UK, the selection of the right fishing rig is paramount. Each of the top 12 sea fishing rigs mentioned here offers a unique set of advantages, catering to specific conditions and target species. Armed with this diverse arsenal, shore anglers can adapt their approach to the dynamic coastal environment and increase their chances of a successful and rewarding fishing experience.

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