The Best Months to Fish for Smoothhounds in the UK

For anglers seeking an exhilarating challenge and the thrill of a powerful fight, smoothhound fishing in the UK offers a rewarding experience. These sleek and muscular sharks inhabit the coastal waters, providing anglers with an opportunity to test their skills and enjoy the beauty of the British shoreline. To maximize your chances of a successful smoothhound fishing expedition, it’s crucial to understand the best months to target these elusive creatures. In this article, we’ll explore the seasonal patterns that influence smoothhound activity and reveal the prime months for a successful angling adventure.

The Life of a Smoothhound

Smoothhounds, particularly the common smoothhound (Mustelus mustelus) and the starry smoothhound (Mustelus asterias), are prevalent in the waters around the UK. These sharks are known for their slender bodies, smooth skin, and powerful swimming abilities. Smoothhounds are most active during the warmer months when water temperatures rise, encouraging them to venture closer to the shore in search of prey.

Spring Awakening

As the temperatures begin to rise during spring, smoothhounds become more active and start migrating toward shallower coastal waters. March to May marks the initial surge in smoothhound activity, making spring an excellent time for anglers to target these elusive sharks. During this period, smoothhounds are more likely to be found in estuaries and coastal areas, providing anglers with ample opportunities to hook into these powerful fish.

Summer Bounty

Summer is widely regarded as the peak season for smoothhound fishing in the UK. From June to August, coastal waters warm up considerably, prompting smoothhounds to congregate near the shore. This period offers optimal conditions for anglers, as the sharks become more aggressive in their pursuit of prey. Warm evenings and early mornings are particularly promising times to target smoothhounds, as they tend to be more active during these hours.

Autumn Persistence

As summer transitions into autumn, smoothhound fishing can remain productive. September and October can still offer excellent opportunities to target these sharks, especially in the early part of the season. While the water temperatures begin to decrease, smoothhounds may linger in coastal areas before moving to deeper waters for the winter.

Factors to Consider

While the aforementioned months generally provide favorable conditions for smoothhound fishing, various factors can influence their behavior. Tides, lunar cycles, and weather patterns all play a role in the success of your angling endeavors. Monitoring local fishing reports, understanding tidal movements, and adapting your fishing strategy to prevailing conditions can significantly enhance your chances of a successful smoothhound catch.


For anglers in the UK, the pursuit of smoothhounds is a thrilling adventure that requires a keen understanding of seasonal patterns. While the peak months for smoothhound fishing are generally during spring and summer, it’s essential to remain adaptable and stay informed about local conditions. Armed with the right knowledge and equipment, anglers can embark on an unforgettable journey to capture the strength and beauty of these coastal sharks in the waters of the United Kingdom.

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