Do multipliers or fixed spool cast further?

This question is asked many times and it sometimes just depends on who you are speaking too, do multipliers or fixed spool cast further?

Anglers usually have their preferred reel for fishing, me, I like fixed spool for general fishing. Multipliers for boat fishing. Its each to their own, anglers will usually favour their own style in questions such as this. Liking a particular reel type does not make it better, it’s just a preference which suits you and your style of fishing.

The ability to cast further with one style over another will have many variables. Practice and experience, reel/rod design as well as quality and rod length among others.

There is however one common denominator in like for like situations.

Line diameter

Two similar experienced anglers, with honed castings skills, side by side producing similar results each cast with both fixed spool and multipliers. What will separate them? Line diameter on the reel they are using. There will always be a margin of difference down to the angler but you don’t have to take my word for it.

Jamie Pickup, Innova product technologist, tests new product lines and provides feedback on rod builds. Match angler and keen caster who can regularly be seen practicing along the Wirral stretch of the Mersey. He is often “out out” after the local Rays and Smoothhounds which at times can be found at distance, requiring a good casting prowess.

Jame Pickup. My answer is YES multipliers do. But there is a condition. If you use .35 line on a multi and a fixed spool then the multi will beat it every time. The only time a fixed spool will out cast a multi is when you move to low diameter lines. Anything below .26 on a fixed spool and the multis will not keep up. 🚀
And believe me I’ve tested this theory many times. 👍🏻 hard to cast less than .30 on a multiplier.

Jamie has had extensive use and practice with numerous rod and reel combos over the years. For want of a better phrase, he knows his onions.

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Let us know in the comments if you have any thoughts on this often pondered question.

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