Top Apps for Sea Fishing Enthusiasts in the UK 2024

In the modern era, technology has become an invaluable companion for sea fishing enthusiasts, providing a wealth of information and tools at their fingertips. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or a novice, utilizing the right apps can significantly enhance your sea fishing experience around the United Kingdom. In this article, we explore some of the best apps tailored for sea fishing in UK waters.

  1. Navionics – Boating & Fishing: Key Features:
    • Detailed nautical charts with bathymetric details.
    • GPS navigation and route planning.
    • Community-sourced data on fishing spots.
    Why Use It: Navionics is a comprehensive app that combines navigation, mapping, and fishing information. The app’s community-driven data provides insights into popular fishing spots, ensuring you’re well-informed about the best locations.
  2. Fishbrain: Key Features:
    • Social networking for anglers.
    • Log and track catches.
    • Discover popular fishing spots.
    Why Use It: Fishbrain connects anglers worldwide, allowing you to share your catches, explore what others are catching, and discover new fishing spots. The app’s log feature helps you keep a record of your own fishing successes.
  3. My Tide Times: Key Features:
    • Accurate tide predictions.
    • Moon phase information.
    • Sunrise and sunset times.
    Why Use It: Understanding tide patterns is crucial for successful sea fishing. My Tide Times provides accurate tidal information, helping you plan your fishing trips with precision.
  4. Windfinder: Key Features:
    • Real-time wind and weather forecasts.
    • Wave and wind speed data.
    • Ideal for planning fishing conditions.
    Why Use It: Windfinder is a valuable tool for sea anglers, offering real-time wind and weather forecasts. Knowing the weather conditions beforehand can enhance your safety and increase the chances of a successful fishing outing.
  5. Fishing Points: GPS, Tides & Fishing Forecast: Key Features:
    • GPS navigation and mapping.
    • Fishing forecast and solunar charts.
    • Tides and weather information.
    Why Use It: Fishing Points combines navigation, fishing forecasts, and tide information in one app. The solunar charts help predict fish activity, optimizing your fishing opportunities.
  6. RBS Seasafe: Key Features:
    • Safety information and advice.
    • Emergency contacts and location tracking.
    • Weather updates and alerts.
    Why Use It: Safety is paramount in sea fishing. RBS Seasafe provides essential safety information, emergency contacts, and real-time weather updates to ensure a secure and informed fishing experience.
  7. Tides Near Me – Free: Key Features:
    • Easy access to tide information.
    • Sun and moon phase details.
    • Location-based tide predictions.
    Why Use It: Tides Near Me is a simple yet effective app for quick access to tide information based on your location. It’s a handy tool for planning fishing trips around optimal tidal conditions.


Embracing the digital era can significantly enhance your sea fishing adventures in the UK. These apps provide a blend of navigation, weather forecasting, and social connectivity, empowering anglers with the knowledge and tools needed for a successful and enjoyable day on the water. Whether you’re exploring new fishing spots, tracking your catches, or staying informed about weather conditions, these apps cater to various aspects of the sea fishing experience. Remember to complement your digital tools with traditional angling skills for a well-rounded and satisfying adventure on the open seas.

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