Which is the best sea fishing tripod?

When looking for the best sea fishing tripod you need something that won’t let you down whatever the weather. Strength, stability and handy features are all a factor. Price is also a major factor for most people too. Lets have a look at what options are available at all price ranges aswell as the pros and cons.

Let’s start with the cheaper models.

Basic tripod

At the budget end of the sea fishing tripod range we have a real basic model. You really do get what you pay for with is particular version. It’s a generic version sold under different brand names, hence they all look identical.

This model has extendable legs similar to more expensive models, however the leg bottoms are rounded. It won’t function well in anything other than soft sandy fishing venues.

It’s fine for general sandy beach fishing but any wind or tidal pull with soon have it falling over.


Cheap and slightly cheerful, sketchy build quality and limited range of uses. Personally seen two of these models ruin someone who is new to anglings experience as they both broke. Ended up sharing one half of my tripod! Available HERE.

4ft Standard Sea Fishing Tripod

Not a bad tripod at all, it does have limited usage though. Rather than extendable legs these are 4 foot straight through. Ideal for use on sandy beaches and shingle, limited scope for rocky fishing marks though.

I bought one of these when I first started out sea fishing, it served it’s purpose. It’s best feature of which there are few of it’s light weight.


Does the job on standard beaches fairly well. Fishing marks with winds or tidal pull ie the river Mersey will soon have it on its side which is frustrating. Fair weather model only, limited to one rod too. It is however light, cheap and portable. Available HERE

Parker Angling telescopic tripod

This sea fishing tripod has all the features of the bigger brands at a far lower price point. Telescopic, so adjustability in the legs help set up in areas other than sandy beaches. The model also features two rod rests complete with bottom holding cups, these are needed on a proper tripod.

It will hold it’s own on beaches and when fishing rock marks too. Having the ability to extend between 3 and 5 feet gives it a larger range of flexibility.


A semi decent sea fishing tripod with most of the features of the more expensive models. Budget price for what you are getting is great, not quite as strong in the legs. Inexpensive, a great option for beginners entering the sport. Available HERE.

Ian Golds Telescopic Tripod

This is the budget version of the Ian Golds range of tripods, however it has everything you need. Twin cups and rod rests, fully adjustable and more to the point it’s light weight. Great for carrying to fishing marks without tiring yourself before you get there.

This model works well on beaches as well as rocky marks, it can withstand a bit of wind and tidal pull too.


In my opinion this is the first decent tripod on the list. Strong, light, great features and far superior build quality than all the previous tripods reviewed. Mid range on price but not on quality. Available HERE.

Shakespeare Salt Tripod

The Shakespeare Salt Tripod is a great bit of kit, it has all the features you need. Twin rod holders, bucket hook, fully adjustable legs. In fact the legs are fantastic, similar to having three sand spikes. The legs being so adjustable make this a great tripod for both beach and rock marks. Moreover there are built in stabilising bars to make it even more sturdy. This tripod is fantastic, I see them quite regular in use by anglers everywhere.


Probably the most robust tripod currently on the market. A great range of flexibility and features, the build quality is also great too. Weighs in slightly heavier than the next model on the list but it does come with it own bag. Available HERE

Take a look at our more in depth review HERE

Ian Golds Super Match

Is this the creme of the tripod crop for both cost and features? It’s certainly the most expensive sea fishing tripod on our list. For a reason too, it’s great. Used by match fishermen across the country for its great features and portability. It is lighter than the Shakespeare model, so easier to get down to the promenades and quick to setup. The twin rod setup is perfect and the adjustable legs are sturdy too.


The Ian Golds match tripod is a great all round tripod, especially for match fishing anglers. The build quality is superb giving it good stability whatever the conditions you are fishing in. Worth its weight in Gold (Pun intended) Available HERE.


There are sea fishing tripods on our list to suit all budgets. For a better fishing experience you really do need a tripod, essential features are the twin rests and holding cups. Having your rods setup this way is far easier and more stable than resting on the floor. You can detect bites better, it also helps prevent rod movement due to winds and tidal pull.

If you start out with the cheaper options and then get hooked on angling you will certainly end up with either the Shakespeare Salt or the Ian Gold super match. The Ian Gold is great for match fishing and the Shakespeare is for the more adventurous angler in my opinion.

If you are looking to buy a tripod, bait nets come in really handy too.

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