Shakespeare Salt Tripod

As I first started my foray into sea fishing it quickly became apparent that I would need some sort of tripod, its pointless in more places to even try. I tried a sand spike bit it was only of use on the beach and the amount of times everything went over got annoying quickly. I did try two other tripods at £10 and £12 respectively, one broke on third use and the other is very unstable so stays in the shed where its belongs.

I had a look around at what was available and settled on the Shakespeare Salt tripod. It takes me a while as you know to spend money so everything has to be looked at and reviewed a few times before I make any sort of purchase. There are many options on the market such as the Ian Gold match tripod

I chose the Shakespeare Salt after looking at various option in Anglesey Bait Centre (great tackle shop for everything including live bait if your in the area, Beaumaris) Its a sturdy piece of kit and can be set up easily and quickly, the adjustable legs help get it into the perfect position when fishing from rock marks and on sand I just plonk it down. There is a small hook just under the head of the tripod head, when its windy I normally hang a bag with some bits in it to help keep it planted so to speak. I have used it in awful weather and its always held its own

It comes in its own bag with shoulder strap for lugging it about, it is a touch heavier than some other models as it also has stabilizers on the legs which you don’t get on other brands, its a solid piece of kit. It is also shorter when its in its bag than a lot of other tripods available so I can just put it in the back foot well of the car.

I’ve used it all over Anglesey, Llyn Peninsula and the Mersey during winter and its never let me down, its the one piece of gear I grab first when heading out the door.

Decent price on Amazon with free delivery 🙂 Oh and it fits in my small hatchback boot when folded down it carry bag, other tripods are too long.

Salt Beach Tripod

An innovative designed beach rest that is packed with special features and offers the angler the ultimate in stability. Constructed from lightweight powder coated aluminium with angular central section and rounded legs, this Salt Beach Rest is robust, yet compact at its closed length of 1.25m. The unique slide and lock stabilising arms ensure the most stable of fishing stations in all conditions.

  • Two piece central angular bar with spike extending to 7’/2.04m
  • Round section telescopic legs with neat click-lock adjusting mechanisms. Both legs clip to main bar for storage
  • Two adjustable side stabilising arms
  • Two sliding adjustable butt caps
  • Unique rod rest head design
  • Supplied in a robust carry case with two velcro secured external pockets for rod rest and butt holder
  • Weighs only 2.70kg

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