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Abu Garcia 20-30lb boat rod

The Abu Garcia 20-30lb class boat rod (6ft) is something I thought long and hard about. There are quite a few boat rods around this same class costing up to and over 4 times the price. Will it be worth a punt.

A brand can carry a lot of weight when looking for a decent rod. The familiar name with a heratige in fishing usually inspires a bit more confidence in a product. There are plenty of random Chinese boat rods with strange and unusual names knocking around these days. That’s not to say these are poorer alternatives as some manufacturers will have these produced in the same factories.

The Abu brand gave me the confidence that what I was buying was a decent bit of kit. All I can say is that I really am not disappointed with my purchase, in fact I was pleasantly surprised.

The Shakespeare Ugly Stick range are well known yet cost nearly 3 times as much. The Abu Garcia 20-30lb boat rod is on the budget end of the scale. It is however more than a capable enough rod when fishing from most small boats.

This Abu Garcia 20-30lbs boat rod at 6 feet long is perfect for small boat fishing. I found it to be really well balanced and lighter than expected at this price point. I have a few other boat rods albeit they are older but all feel far heavier. It’s splits down 50/50 into the accompanying little bag so it’s carry size is minimal. Easily transported in the car and ideally it takes up little room on a small boat. It appears as well made as the more premium options.

I have used this rod a few times now and am happy with it’s performance. I’ve fished from a 3.3 metre SIB and it’s compact size lends itself well. No monster fish as yet but has dealt with full strings of mackerel and double headers of decent Pollock.

Would I buy the the Abu again, now with hindsight? Most definitely as it outperforms its low cost, for the casual boat angler it’s fine. For the more serious boat angler I would check out the Ugly Stik range. Both rod brands come with high rating reviews from other anglers too.

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