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Mariner 6hp review

The 2020 Mariner 6HP outboard fits within the portable outboard bracket. Outboards within this bracket will power your small boat on a regular basis or as a auxiliary to main engine. (usually 15hp and under)

The Mariner 6hp uses the same engine and is the same weight as both the 4hp and 5hp Mariner outboards. The difference in weight is negligible but the power difference in this bracket is most definitely noticeable. As the power increases so does the cost. If your budget allows I would always stretch to the higher powered 6hp. The weight of this group of motors comes in at 25kg, a manageable weight for a lot of individuals. I can move this easily enough over short distances. I would not like to move it over soft sand or say a steep shingle beach though. If launching from a slipway using SIB wheels or a trailer this won’t present itself as a problem.

The models in this bracket of Mariner do lose one feature I like about the 2.5/3.5hp model, the oil gauge. This handy visual aid sets your mind at ease with a quick glance before you start the outboard up. The 4/5/6hp Mariner outboard come with a small internal dipstick which is just as effective but far less practical. The engine cover has to be popped off for a check inside. In my opinion this is the only negative on these models, they are far superior to there lower power siblings.

With these upgraded power variants come full gear control, forward, neutral and reverse. With the increased power available the noise is considerably lower as less revs are needed to shift the boat. According to the stats, tick over will consume just 0.2 litres of fuel per hour while pushing the boat to around 2.5 knots. I have no tools to measure this scientifically but am more than impressed with the 6HP’s fuel consumption and it was probably very close to this. With the throttle position at restart it pushed the boat along fine at 4.5 knots, the 3.5hp was at around 50% throttle to achieve this and as such considerably much noisier.

As with the engine CC increase the diameter of the prop is also enlarged over the 3.5hp variants. The propeller also receives an upgrade to aluminium from the plastic one on the 3.5. What this gives is the ability to cut through weed better. More importantly there is far less flex in the 3 bladed propeller. Ultimately this makes the prop more efficient at it is able to hold its shape better when under higher revs. This results in better power going through the prop as the plastic ones are softer. Increased power will bend the plastic prop out of shape making them bite the water less. The internal fuel tank is 1.2 litres and has the option of fitting and external tank too.

All in this model is a great upgrade over the 3.5hp in almost every way other than weight and cost. The benefits do far outweigh this by a large margin which show in real world use. I was able to travel up the Menai Strait at low water and visit the seals at Puffin Island off Anglesey. Travelling back at high with 2 onboard plus fuel and a bit of fishing tackle. The new Mariner 6hp performed well during the journey, I’m just not sure I would attempt this journey in a less powered variant of any brand outboard. Certainly not the 3.5hp, this would have been fine for the area around Menai Bridge or as tested in sheltered bays.

The 6 hp gets a thumbs up from me.

Product Description

Mariner 4-Stroke outboard engines are incredibly clean and efficient, with enough torque to get you zipping around! With CD Ignition for easy starting, smooth smoke-free operation, and a ‘through’ prop exhaust that muffles exhaust sound by releasing it underwater.

Some of the lightest outboards in their class, and with some great features such as convenient multifunction tiller handle that provides easy one-handed operation, automatic reverse hooks and 360 degree steering for full thrust in all directions, make this a desirable outboard engine for any use.

Easy to carry thanks to the chunky handle and cutout in the cowl, there’s also a convenient oil level indicator, and many more useful and high performance features. The Mariner Outboard is ideally suited to navigating the marina or further afield, with the outboard getting a normal dinghy up onto the plane without a problem. 


  • CDI Ignition offers maintenance-free dependability and easy starting.
  • Superior corrosion protection provides longer life.


  • Large displacement engine provides excellent low to mid-range power.
  • Quiet, smooth-running, and smoke free operation.

Running Quality

  • Through prop exhaust buries the engine noise underwater (F4/F5/F6).
  • 6 (F6-F4) trim positions plus shallow water drive allow easy access to remote areas.
  • Vibration isolated twist grip throttle provides a smooth interaction with the engine.


  • Visual low pressure warning system.
  • Decompression system for quick, effortless one hand starting.

5-Year Warranty

  • Five-year limited non-declining, factory-backed. Conditions and exclusions apply. Not applicable for commercial and racing applications.


Horsepower6hp (4.4kw)
Dry weight25 kg
Revolutions per minute (RPM) ranger5000-6000
Number of cylinders1
Trim positions6 & Shallow Water Drive
Induction system2-valve pushrod
Gear shiftForward (F) – Neutral (N) – Reverse (R)
Gear ratio2.15:1
Recommended boat transom type381 mm (S) – 508 mm (L)
Fuel tank maximum capacity1.1L
Fuel tank typeIntegrated
Fuel typeGasoline
Fuel requirementUnleaded 90 RON min.
Closed coolingN/A
Engine technology4 strokes
Alternator typeOptional 4 amp (50 watt) lighting, 2 amp (25 watt) charging

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