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Best Sea Fishing Gadgets

There are always things in life that you wish you had known about sooner. In this post we will look at the best sea fishing gadgets, most of which won’t break the bank either. Little things that can help make your fishing trip that bit easier or more comfortable.

Not only are these items some of the best sea fishing gadgets around they also make great presents too. Needs more space for your bait or fingers getting cut on braid? Check out the list below for some awesome ideas.

Casting trigger / cannon

A casting cannon is a mechanical trigger that you can use when casting. Instead of holding the mono or in particular braid with your finger. Monofilament line can be cast easily without risk of injury. If you have ever used braided line you will know it can quickly fatigue a casting finger. Moreover is has the ability to literally slice through your finger or cause friction burns. The trigger holds and releases the line quickly and efficiently but it takes a few goes to get used to. More to the point it saves your fingers and let’s you fish on without worrying.

Finger stall

A finger stall in the manual version of a casting trigger. Just like the trigger it’s is designed to remove any potential harm to your finger when casting with braid. The stall fits over the finger like a glove tip preventing slicing and friction. A handy wrist strap helps keep the stall in place. If you prefer the feel of the line to aid with casting then this will suit you more than the cannon.

Scales and weigh sling

A lot of sea anglers are very competitive and I’m no exception. One way of keeping you on your toes when fishing is the try and beat your PB. In order to beat your personal best you need to know what weight your fish are. A decent set of scales to weigh your catch is perfect for this. In order to keep your catch safe when weighing you should always use a weigh sling. Catch and release is a big part of sea angling and a weigh sling will help protect the fish from harm. If you are close to the car you can use a more robust sling, if fishing rock marks it best to travel light.

Tripod tray / net

When is come to sea fishing there are not much options in terms of work space or keeping things quickly accessible. A tripod tray or net can help keep things close at hand. Tripod nets create a platform that are simply attach to the legs, usually velcro. Each to their own but its a great place to leave your bait or tools, they are light weight too. Tripod trays will usually clamp to the leg of the tripod, great flat platforms for baiting up. That said they are not as easily stowed and carried if fishing away from the car. They do however come in handy when fishing matches which are on promenade etc.

Fishing Multitool

Multitools are a great all rounder to take sea fishing as they are so versatile in there builds. Each has there own set of tools that are compact and east to carry. For the sea angler you really need a multitool with pliers as this can help unhook any fish. Scissors come in really handy if you need to cut mono or braided line, this can be a life saver on a boat or kayak. The other tools on them come in handy in there own ways, it all depends on how you are fishing really.

Head torch

In my opinion a head torch is an essential piece of kit, period. I have been caught out twice now and it will not happen again. Batteries tested and working fine before leaving for a session thinking it’s fine as it will be dusk when leaving to find cloud cover has moved in. It’s suprising how quickly conditions change or how dark it can get walking back. More importantly if you are sea fishing through the night it frees up your hands and makes fishing a lot easier. Baiting up can be a pain at times, in total darkness it’s impossible. Walking back up a beach filled with gullies is a safety nightmare in the dark. A good head torch is an essential peice of any sea anglers arsenal.

Fishing line Spooler

A fishing line spooler is not an essential peice of kit but it sure makes life easier. Fishing line or braid needs to be kept in good condition to avoid snapping and losing fish. Line is damaged whether through stretch or abrasion against rocks and even deterioration with age. Respooling reels with fresh line is a big part of fishing, if you have tried this solo you will know it’s a pain. These line spoolers make the job so much easier and you are less likely to put off the job. Keeping ontop of fresh line when needed is a job often neglected by all but the serious angler.

Long Nose Pliers

Long Nose Pliers are definitely something a sea angler should have in their kit. They are generally lighter than a multitool that can carry unnecessary items depending on how you are fishing. The key feature is the ability to grip when unhooking fish. Secondly most will have a cutting ability at the base of the plier head, great in a pinch for mono and braid.

The best sea fishing gadgets help make your sea fishing sessions easier and sometimes safer. I’ll keep the list updated as and when I come across an item I think worthy of the list.

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