Nefyn Beach Slipway

Nefyn Beach Slipway is an easy access point on the North side of the Lynn Peninsula.

This tidal slipway is onto relatively hard sand, the rear of the beach is used by “standard” cars to access the holiday homes (ie non 4×4). They will drive across the very rear of the beach which has a small amount of shingle mixed in. The rest of the beach is well compacted sand with stones starting to appear along the low water line.

Nefyn slipway does not have direct access to the sea with the exception of larger high tides. At low tide there can be a significant distance to travel across the beach, during summer it is very busy with tourists. Hence is is used more often by kayak etc, but is easy to launch a SIB from.

A couple of things to bear in mind when using Nefyn Beach slipway is that there is limited parking available. If you arrive before 8:30am you can usually find a spot in the summer months as it fills with tourist quickly. It is sparsely used in Winter with the exception of the odd dog walker.

Secondly the road down to the parking area are on a steep angle but nothing a confident driver cant handle. Once down there is one turning point. If you have a trailer with you then it will have to take up one of the limited parking spaces.

A wardens hut has been added meaning that Nefyn slip way is now manned during the summer months. They will actively check for boat insurance and registration for Gwynedd Council before allowing you to launch. To register your boat or for further cost information please visit . You can also register at the hut at a slightly increased cost. Fine as it works out well if its an unplanned trip, as at other slipways in Gwynedd.

There is no launch fee for engines under 10hp, registration fee only.

Nefyn beach slipway is a great place to launch for access to the fishing grounds of Caernarfron Bay, which offers great Tope fishing. Moreover the scenic area around Morfa Nefyn (Porth Dinllaen) which also offers good fishing, and the wider North Lynn area. Check out Nefyn tide times below.

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