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Morfa Nefyn

Morfa Nefyn is a great place to visit, whether as a couple, on your own or with the kids. I had been driving down the north of the Lynn Peninsula for a few years, each time catching a glimpse of a magical looking place poking out in the distance as we drove on towards Aberdaron. Honestly Google is your friend and I am glad we are aquinted.

As you maybe aware I am a keen sea fisherman and a few years ago as I got more into fishing I was on the hunt for new places. Rightly or wrongly I came across Pystyll dock and thought I would give it a go. As I live in land locked Wigan it’s a bit of trek so a quick search for the nearest campsite ensued. Penisarlon camping sits up the hill at the back of the dock, ideal as it’s only walk down to the dock..nope it’s a bit of a scramble but nothing too bad. From the campsite above I could see Morfa Nefyn in the distance, I made a mental note to come camping at Penisarlon again as it is quite close. Anyhow fishing wasn’t the best, it snowed, I left my coat at home, drove for miles for a cheap coat and got back ready to fish as the weather picked up and I no longer needed the coat…

Anyhow I now knew a campsite close by, decent facilities so Mrs will be happy. Gutted I had driven past this place so many times and never visited.

There is a national trust car park or you can park on the golf course overkill field in summer, both are £5 for the day. There is a walk down to the end of Morfa Nefyn, no cars allowed and it is security gated for residents only. Two choices, walk down the path through the golf course or at the bottom of the national trust car park there are steps down to the beach (low tide only or risk potentially being cut off). Morfa Nefyn beach is almost none existent at high tide, it laps against the steps of the world famous Ty Coch Inn. I say world famous as it was voted the 3rd best beach bar in the world. To me it’s just an old worldly pub with traditional brass hanging all over the place. I’m not putting it down, you don’t really see this anymore unless you are really rural. The location is superb, the front steps lead onto the beach. The beach itself gets really busy in summer with hordes of tourists crammed in what is a relatively small area. Boats come and go with fishermen or day trippers adding to the busy feel.

There are public toilets which come in handy for the kids and users of the Ty Coch Inn. If like me you like something a little more quiet…There is a path of enlightenment! At the edge of the beach but slightly set back the is a cliff/coastal path around the cliff side which leads round to the lifeboat station. You can just walk over the top from where the path from the golf course leads down to the Ty Coch, but where is the fun I that? Along the path is a solitary house, a bench and what looks like a seldom used beach shack. If you can handle a flight of stairs or two the path will be fine for you.

Along the path when the tide is receding a small beach is uncovered, we have had this too ourselves numerous times. Fine if you don’t mind people walking past, it’s not really that busy to be fair.

When you reach life boat station you will immediatly see another beach, it can be busy in summer but nothing like in front of the Ty Coch Inn. On the other side of the life boat station another small beach uncovers as the tide recedes, we have had this to ourselves several times now. The kids don their wetsuits and play in the sea, I hunt for mini species down the side of the mini breakwater. On a sunny day after a spell of calm weather it amazing. Definitely recommend you pay it a visit at least once.

Also if you like golf the course is well looked after with views second to none. If its Nefyn tide times you are after, please check out the 3 day live forecast below.

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