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South Stack lighthouse

South Stack lighthouse on the western coast of Holy Island, Anglesey.

South Stack sits just off Holyhead mountain, another place to explore from the same car park! The parking areas are owned and run by the RSPB, moreover the parking is free for now.

The views are absolutely spectacular all round, on a sunny day it is hard to beat. The cafe food is tried and tested, awesome cakes and speciality fizzy drinks are great. The parking area is flat and has great views, all other aspects are hard going for the less able.

The cliffs are full of birds, a huge nesting areas for all manner of species. Puffins also nest here during summer in very small numbers. Rare fauna thrive in the area, snakes and lizards are also abundant.

It really has something for everyone one. There is a raised internal viewing point with free use of binoculars with loads of information on display. Moreover there is also a live stream showing the nesting birds giving a close up view.

The path down the view point is via rough path with steps, the scenery is amazing and definitley worth the walk down. Keep dogs on a lead as there are no fences at fhe shear cliff edges. My dad in the top picture was 70 at the time and had no trouble getting to the view point. Down to the light house itself was a bit much.

The walkway down to South Stack lighthouse itself is not for the less able. The path is relatively steep as it meanders down the cliff face with the final section almost ladder like steps. There are around 400 steps, coming back up can be tiring. On the way down there areas with fantastic views of the nesting birds, great photo opportunities of these and the lighthouse.

South Stack entrance fees can be found HERE

Honestly if you are thinking of paying a visit, just do it! It is an amazing location to visit, I’ve been back multiple times to show people who haven’t seen the area.

If you like walking you also have Holyhead mountain to explore, watch out for the darting lizards!

Check out www.angleseyisle.co.uk for more places to visit on Anglesey

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