Angel Bay (Penrhyn Bay)

Angel Bay is a nature reserve on the end of the Little Orme. What makes this place special and worth (in my opinion) a post of its own? Seals, and plenty of them if you visit at the right time of year. The seal breeding season is during the winter months, there may be the odd early pup at the end of September or early october but the main pupping time is around late October / early November. This gradually changes to a more seal like appearance / colour as they begin to grow. You need to look hard and binoculars are a must, the young pups blend in perfectly with the large stones as do the older seals at times, perfect camouflage.



You can see the large seals in the sea of the bay as they come and go, low tide is best for spotting as some of the adults with go in search of food at high tide.

Angel Bay is also a bit of a haven for dog walkers with large open stretches of grassland, just beware if throwing balls towards the cliffs!  You can take in the views or watch the seals, if you are feeling more energetic there are a few paths up the smaller of the two Ormes. The patch meanders in places and can be quite steep in places particularly at the start which is quite an ascent but is quickly over.

On the way up the Orme there is plenty to look at with an abundance of butterfly species around in summer with the odd rabbit darting about and plenty of sheep. When you arrive the top there are spectacular panoramic views all round. You can see for miles, the Ilse of Man is visible on good days too.

Well worth a visit if you are in the area, parking is free too, either on the housing estate or near the Co-op.

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