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Brook fishing in Wigan

Me and the littlun had an hour on a local brook. The depth in the area we were fishing varies broadly, minimum of an inch or so with one or two pools to around 3-4 feet.

Armed with red maggot and some light tackle we set off. Over the course of an hour we had four fish, we stuck to one spot which was the deepest pool. We missed plenty of fish, the maggots were coming back like a vampire had got them. Literally sucked to death.

The section we fished was a deeper hole, 1 foot flow dropping into a 4 foot hollow. Ideal place for trout to wait as the food comes to them, out of the flow to conserve energy.

We had 2 Chub, 1 Roach and a nice little Trout in the hour. All in pristine condition and probably hadn’t been caught previously.

Great little session on the door step. All you needs is a basic fishing setup, nothing too big as this allows you to move quickly and easily. The fish are plentiful if you keep still and quiet, I recommend baiting up the area you intend to fish a few days before. This helps bring fish into the area as they are expecting food her, use the same baits on the hooks as you use to feed the area. This gets the fish used to eating your hooks baits and they will feed easier on it.


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