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What do I need to make sea fishing rigs?

I was thinking how do I make and what do need to make my own sea fishing rigs, what do I need and how expensive is it? Well I was in no rush, I had a few pre made rigs for my next session or two.

There are literally dozens of brands and rig types and I thought it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I tend to buy the same type of rigs for my sea fishing sessions, two hook flapper rigs or loops rigs. To this day I can’t see a difference, I suppose it just a brand thing? The 3 hook version of the flapper is sometimes referred to as a scratching rig, one hook and bait on the bottom, another just off the bottom and another higher up in the water course. Incidently these are good alround rigs, they can have two or three hooks and I swear by them. They are also most probably the easiest to make up at home.

I tried my local tackle shop that at the time was being refittedout as a new Anglingdirect store, nothing on the shelves I needed so I went home and had a look through Amazon. I got everything I needed cheap as chips after two weeks as I ordered the crimps, beads and swivels from china…as I said I was in no rush. I didn’t scrimp on the hooks though, I have bought cheap shop bought ones previously to replace lost ones. Losing a fish to shoddy hooks is no good (had them snap or bend easily) so I try to stick with reputable brands. I got 100 metres of amnesia 20lb line for the snoods which is memory free (helps keep the hook lengths from twisting up and kinking) and 50-60lbs for the body of the rig. Most go with 60lb for the main rig body.

You can pay anything from £1 to £3 for flapper / loop rigs dependant on the brand and what the tackle shops mark up is. I did a quick calculation and I am making the same rigs for around 40 pence, not to be sniffed at if fishing tackle hungry sea fishing marks. There are loads of other rig types that are easy to make but these are good starter rigs for practicing. The more you do the quicker you become, use shop bought ones as a template. Don’t be worried about trying you own snood lengths and seeing what works well for you. I often tie a few rigs up but don’t put hooks on so I can adjust my hook size if I am constantly missing bites etc (downsizing hooks) or if I am using dodgy frozen lug I will put baitholding hooks on. Just don’t forget in winter or when fishing in the dark it’s easier to have them readily available, tying hooks in winter with frozen hands is a nightmare.

You can buy foam rig winders to store your rigs on or a rig wallet to keep them in, I use a rig wallet.

You will need:

Hooks – of your choosing



Main line

Snood line – preferably memory free


Snap swivels

Simply copy a shop bought one, it’s really that simple. Then once you are confident try your own styles.

The above is what I have used but there are tons of different brands, don’t forget to check out you’re local tackle shop. They normally have a bit of advice / knowledge for you too. You can also buy sea rig kits which have everything in the box ready to go, but you don’t know what you are buying ie possibly poor hooks but ok for learning/practice.

Check where you can use your new home made rigs HERE

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