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Aber Falls

Aber Falls, just look at the place. I was expecting to see hobbits at one point!

Its costs £2 to park on the car parks which help to maintain the area plus the onsite toilet. Best arrive early as the car park fills up quickly as does the road to the parking area as it nears 11am.

It’s sign posted as a 2 hour walk to Aber falls and back, it took around 1hr 40mins with a 10 year old. That said we stayed for around 15 mins so it’s not a difficult walk. The path on the way does have a steady incline for over 50% of the way but its not too strenuous at all and suitable for most. Just make is easier on the way back!

Now following the path in both directions through the valley gives some fantastic views of the area with random sheep dotted around. My favorite aspect is the sound of the water in the lover part of the valley. As you get closer to the falls the sound of it travels down the path. Picturesque is an understatement, the scene of the Aber Falls and the river it spawns is stunning. Perfect for photographers to practice or set up and have a picnic.

It doesn’t matter whether you go in winter or summer as it is awesome to see any time of the year. Summer lets Aber Falls cool you down with its fine mist spray. Winter lets you see far more of the area and river once the trees have shed their leaves.

Rain will play its part during your visit. Obviously the more rain that falls prior and even during your visit with give Aber Falls a more spectacular among of water. Summer time still gives a steady stream creating a mist at the base which can help cool you off after your walk.

When at the falls if you cross the bridge there is another path to some smaller waterfalls, the path however is initially steep up the steps then onto very uneven ground. It takes 10 minutes or so but needs good footwear and steadier feet.

Fantastic place to visit, with the kids or the dogs. Don’t forget to bag it and bin it.

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