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Rhosneigr Beach

Where do I start with a review of Rhosneigr beach, as far as beach’s go it has pretty much everything apart from on site toilets but don’t worry there are some close by. What do I like about Rhosneigr beach? If you unlike me, you just like a nice soft sandy beach to laze away your day then you have it at Rhosneigr. Rockpools to keep the kids entertained as the hunt for the little creatures that skurry around them. Ice cream van behind you and some of the best views on Anglesey in front of you. The town itself has a few nice bars, pub, 2 shops and a pizza place and some toilets on the small car park. These are literally a 5 minute walk away from your chosen spot on the beach.

You can park on the pay and display or on the main road that passes through Rhosneigr for free. It is a bit of a Mecca for water sports enthusiasts, when the weather is right there are jet ski, boats, windsurfers all taking full advantage of the area. There is also a shop renting/selling wetsuits, paddle boards etc if you fancy giving it a try.

The beach can be busy at times and this is what confuses me. If you head round the coast towards the race circuit (Trac Mon, well worth a quick visit on open track days if you like any sort of racing as it’s free entry) there are fewer people. There is a small river to the right of Rhosneigr beach with a crossing bridge at the back of the caravan park which is a 20 minute walk and gives access to the dunes backing on to RAF valley. The other option at low tide is shoes and socks off and walk through the shallow river mouth, no more than a foot deep in places and in some it just covers your ankle. This is my go to option Cymyran Beach, it’s huge and you can see just how big…and empty it usually is from Rhosneigr town beach. Soft sand at the foot of the dunes and rippled wet sand the further you go out with the tide.

Why here? For me it’s the peace and tranquility away from the hussle and bussle. If you head toward the rocky out crop you can have the place to yourself if you don’t mind the walk. At low tide there are rockpools for the kids (and adults) to explore. We have found, squid, octopus, spider crabs, little crabs, sea anemones, tons of small fish including flatfish and once loads of dogfish swimming in one of the pools, they were close to two feet in length. Mid summer the prawns will actually bounce off of your feet there are that many in places. For kids it is where memorys are made – fact.

There are hardly any if at all water sports going on in this area. The beach is a long shallow storm beach, we use cheap shorty wetsuits and have fun for hours in the sea. Honestly my favourite beach, and I don’t just mean on Anglesey. If this changes I will let you know, I hope I have painted a good picture of the area. Friends always ask why I go so often but never seem to make it themselves, which I suppose is why it’s so quiet!

Check out my review of the Victure Action Cam HERE, great little camera but at the bottom of the page there are two videos I took using it in the area I just spoke about. The amount of creatures in the pools is amazing from June through to late September, if the weather has been ok for a few days before, the water clarity is amazing. Just bear in mind it’s a bit of a walk and if it’s windy which it often can be it feels cooler than it says.

You won’t be disappointed ?

As a plus, fished it twice, caught twice. Nice bass they were too.

Thinking on, we often walk the river leading into Rhosneigr beach at night. Take a couple of good, strong beam torches and you will see all sorts in the river. There can be a good number of rare toads knocking about too.

During the week RAF Valley is fully operational with regular take off and landings which can be seen from the beach, often flying over quite low. These can be very noisy but I love it and so do the kids, it gives the place a different aspect. Planes and helicopters come in at times over the sea to land. Shoreside caravan and camping is literally at the end of the runway, it is definitley a unique way of waking up!

For more information on visiting Anglesey check out www.angleseyisle.co.uk now

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