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Newborough / Llanddwyn Island

Pretty much some of the best views on Anglesey can be found here , the back drop are the mountains of Snowdonia trailing off down the Llyn Peninsula to the left and front. Pristine, clear water in the middle and to the right the volcanic outcrop of Llanddwyn Island. Not a true island but on the higher tides it does get cut off, it’s easy enough though to roll your pants up and wade across if the weather is nice (check tide times). To the rear of the beach is a pine forest you must drive through to the main car park which has toilets, these are day time only toilets, opening times as well as other information HERE. There are 6 other smaller parking areas, during summer if the sun is shining it can be very busy indeed. An ice cream type van is usually on site during the fairer months which sells food.

The are a lot of walking trails through the pine forest, which is incedently home to a large red squirrel population and is a conservation area for them.

There are restrictions on dogs being able to use the beach during the fairer months, this also applies to other beach’s on Anglesey however the forest trails are fine year round. More information on the restrictions is available directly HERE. Please remember to bag it and bin it, too many places now have the poop bags left all over.

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