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Mullet Caernarfon Harbour

Caernarfon Harbour Mullet. Just got back from a weekend in north Wales, there were some guys spinning in Caernarfron harbour whilst we were crabbing down the side. Also had a cheeky LRF rod down the side, it would be rude not too.

The image show myself catching a small fish using the LRF method in Caernarfon harbour

The guys were spinning for the 50 or so Salmon they had seen knocking about the previous evening. They said they were getting the spinners right in front of then, almost on the fish’s noses but they were uninterested apparently and the fish just scarpered each time.
I spotted the “Salmon” at low tide, some nice size ones too.
Rubbish vid off my phone but you can see them. Only 20 seconds long.

They were some decent size Mullet and probably the Salmon they were after! But you never know.

The image shows Grey Mullet swimming around Caernarfon harbour The image shows large Mullet swimming around Caernarfon harbour

A few decent sizes mixed in amongst them. No chance of catching these with the spinners though!

If you want to catch Mullet in Caernarfron harbour it takes a bit of time as they are quite timid fish. Try and catch them with floating bread flakes with small hooks, avoiding any sudden movements. They will spook easy and swim away.

Caernarfon harbour mullet are a regular visitors in summer. They are often seen just swimming around between the boats. It’s better and far easier to target them on days when the water is calm.

Besides the Mullet, Caernarfon has a few good fishing spots. Just on the outside of the harbour on the opposite side to the castle is a decent spot. As is the Marina, just remember you are fishing into the Menai Strait. The tidal pull around here can be strong so heavier gripper leads should be used. There are plenty of other good spots around too, its the gateway to the Llyn Peninsula. Anglesey is also only a short drive away.

Check out our fishing mark pages for ideas on where to fish.

Tight lines.

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