Supermarket sea fishing bait

I have often wondered whether or not it is worth using supermarket ready peeled and cooked prawns. I have crawled the internet looking for information regarding this. The info is there but it is quite sparse and the answers are so polar I have aired on the side of caution and stuck with tried and tested baits. We know mackerel is mackerel wherever we buy it from. Cooked prawn is an unknown entity! It’d be so easy to just pull a packet from the freezer, it’s also readily available so no hunting out open tackle shops for those last minute sea fishing sessions.

I was off down the Llyn Peninsula camping after a midnight high tide fishing session at the arches in Colwyn Bay. All bait was used and I hadn’t planned on a session on the north of the Lynn. I met up with my brother and his family, he too had taken tackle but no bait…just in case he could sneak a session in. Long story short his other half went for a bit of shopping so he asked her to get him some bait. She came back with sliced herring in a pickled ghurkin mix😐 and some of the cheapest precooked, sorry looking peeled prawns I have ever seen. More bits than normal looking, £2 from Morrison’s.

We smothered them in bait elastic, about 3-4 per hook and waited, not a sniff for half an hour and I was fearing the dreaded blank. Then it all at once came to life, 3 rods going, we had several smooth hounds, tope pups, doggies and a random spider crab also obliged.
The prawns literally had no smell, all from a quite shallow beach too. Well chuffed, defo be part of my regular bait arsenal from now on.

I have to say they worked for me and would have no problem using them again as a supplementary bait, or as a main bait when in a tight spot.

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