The Best Sea Fishing Books

When it comes to the best sea fishing books, what’s right for one may not be right for another. There are lots of sea fishing books available to buy, some have been around years. That’s not to say that the information is no longer relevant but merely outdated, based on current equipment or methods.

Some of the books on this list will cater for beginners and others for the more experienced angler. One thing you do realise with angling is you never stop learning. There is no one stop shop in any book that will teach you everything, anything you do learn is a bonus. All the books are written by experienced anglers, they are sharing this knowledge with you. All the things they have tried and tested, they are letting you in on what they know works.

As well as the more generalised shore fishing books on the list, we’ll look at some niche fishing aspects too. You can never know enough knots when tying rigs… you can really but there maybe better options for you to use. Lrf has increased its popularity in the UK recently. It’s shore fishing with a difference so there are always things to learn here. Not just the tackle to use but how to target specific fish species.

The Tactical Shore Angler

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned sea fishing angler there is always something new to learn. This book has back to the basics and more advanced knowledge so is ideal for most anglers. Tactics, bait and rigs, its all in here. Mike is one of the top sea fishing anglers in the UK and most definitely knows hit stuff.

Sea Fishing, River Cottage Handbook

The River Cottage sea fishing hand book is full of tips for anglers looking to learn more. Its a very different style of writing to Mike’s book though still good at getting the point across.

Fox Guide to Modern Sea Angling

Fox have a few of these guides out that cover different types of fishing disciplines. Obviously this one is set on helping us master sea fishing tactics and how to target species. Its a decent book in it own right.

The Complete Book of Fishing Knots, Leaders, and Lines

Knot exactly fishing..excuse the pun. This great book will help teach you different knot to use while fishing. Attaching a leader line can be a pain, there is no need to use the same knot any longer. Great if you have varying degrees of line diameter and you need to know the best way to get a good strong hold. It covers all knots like it says on the tin.

Bass Fishing on Shore and Sea

When it comes to Bass fishing the best way to get knowledge is from someone with extensive experience. John Darling has over 30 years experience in this field and imparts it well. The book is a little older now however it is still very much relevant.

Discover Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is a bit of a specialist sea fishing field due to its nature, this book will teach you how its done. A lot of its contents still apply to small boat owners such as SIBs. If you are thinking of getting a kayak to fish from or looking for a few small boat ideas it worth checking it out.

How to Catch Mackerel: A Guide to Fishing for the UK’s Most Popular Species

A great book for anyone heading to the coast who is thinking of targeting Mackerel. This book will give you the knowledge needed to make sure you get that BBQ going with fresh fish. There are a few ideas for more seasoned among us however I would say its aimed at novice to intermediate angler.

Sea Angling Fish Identification United Kingdom

An older book that will all ways remain relevant to UK sea anglers. It will help you identify fish species caught around the Coast, whether its flat fish or round fish species. This book covers the fish that you are most likely to catch when sea fishing.

In our opinion these are some of the best sea fishing books around as they cater to all levels of experience.

If there are any you have enjoyed and feel should be on this list let us know in the comments.

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