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Can I go fishing during Covid-19?

Can I go fishing during Covid-19 (Caronavirus) restrictions?


The long and short of that answer was NO, movement restrictions regardless of opinion did not allow it. Each country within the UK are now adopting their own lockdown rules. This has caused confusion for some anglers as England has made travel and fishing ok. Wales and Scotland have adopted a more cautious approach, Wales allowing local fishing only.

A great resource for up to date changes on angling can be found at

Unless you are lucky enough to have a home that backs on to the sea or fresh water option your out of luck. We are going to have to wait at least a few more weeks to get our fishing fix. Hopefully if people continue to comply with the movement restrictions this whole crazy pandemic will be over sooner rather than later.

If anything of a positive is the come of this situation it is that all waters will have a welcome break. At no point I can think of have fish been giving such a large break during breeding season. Hopefully we should see the benefits of this in the future, I really am intrigued to see if it results in any changes. Whether it is increased fish stocks or easier catches when it all blows over.

Most people are getting a little bored sat at home scratching around for something to do. Can I go fishing due to Covid-19 restrictions, nope so what else can we do?

Now is as good a time of any to have a good sort through all your tackle. Getting it all ready for when these movement restrictions are lifted when this virus threat reduces. Practice stripping down your reels and giving them a good clean and reoiling.

Another great way to pass a bit of time is to make up your own rigs. These will come in handy for your future fishing sessions and will save you a few quid. Why not experiment a bit and try some new rigs while you have a lot more spare time than usual.

A few ways of learning new rigs is to try and emulate what is on the back of your shop bought rigs. YouTube is fantastic resource for learning how to make different rigs, some good ideas for the future too. While you are there think of what species you want to target this year. YouTube is full of experienced anglers who give tips on catching specific species. I personally don’t mind watching Smashfishing and the Fishlocker channels.

If you are still bored after a Youtube binge session then how about a bit of virtual angling? You may not be able to going fishing due to Covid-19 so let the fishing come to you. Owners of games consoles, Pcs and smartphones can play various fishing games, many of which are free. A popular one at the minute is the Sea Fishing Simulator for android for around £2.50.

Its a rough ride for everyone at the minute. Remember sticking to the government guidelines should keep more people safe and get you all back to fishing.

Take care, it’ll soon be time for tight lines. It’s happening slowly, hopefully won’t be too long now.


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