River Mersey fish species

The river Mersey is once again flourishing with marine life following it’s industrial past. Below is a list of the salt water fish species in the river Mersey. Some are resident year round and others are seasonal visitors. If you are looking for what what fish you can catch in the River Mersey and when, then keep reading.


Year round resident flatfish


Year round resident flatfish


Non resident fish usually caught in the warmer months

Dover Sole

Non resident fish usually caught in the warmer months


Non resident, can be caught occasionally in the warmer months, prolific in Winter.


Non resident species available mainly during Winter


Small semi resident species, most often caught in Winter

Thornback Rays

Non resident, available in good numbers during the warmer months. Occasionally caught in mild Winters.


Non resident, can be caught year round. More abundant in Summer.

Congor Eel

Year round resident


Non resident, available in Warmer months

Tope Pups

Non resident, occasionally caught in Warmer months


Non resident, available during warmer months

Silver Eel

Resident Eel population year round

Weaver Fish

Non resident, Summer only

That concludes our list of River Mersey fish species, click on the individual species for more information.

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