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Holyhead Breakwater 24.2.19

Its meant to be winter! from 11am to 3pm it was T-shirt weather. We were basking in warm sunshine which is unheard of for this time of year. But we were most definitely not complaining.

The water in the harbour area and around to the lighthouse was crystal clear. The bright sunshine was a little off putting but it was a good size tide so should be darker near the bottom. The water was also very calm as the winds were blowing from the south. The swell on the rear of the breakwater was causing the odd wave to splash over the top, nothing serious.

A few already in place as we made our way towards the end, only one fishing the back. Once we had set up more anglers arrived, it was like summer.

Unfortunately though the weather was on side the fishing seemed poor for all. Whiting and small ones at that came in little numbers. A lack of minis down the side was expected due to the time of year but we had a go anyway. We did get a couple of sea scorpions of decent size which was a bonus.
I spoke with a few anglers and they all caught the same, a few pin whiting. One guy at the very end also had two doggies.

Still it’s always great to be out when the sun is shining.

Tight lines.

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