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Town Hall Steps 4.1.19

Scratched the itch to get out fishing again last night. Feels like I’ve not been able to get out much this last month or so.

I grabbed a few packs of Frozen lug from a local tackle shop, squid from the freezer and set off.

High tide was at 10:20pm, we arrived 2 hours before and parked up in front of the Ferry pub. We setup shop just the right of the groyne. I need some new heavier grippers, the groyne offered a bit of protection from the sting tidal pull.

We were getting plenty of knocks from the off, baits were coming back stripped or torn to bits. Lug tipped with squid was the order of the day. Pin whiting were about in plague numbers, we struggled to connect a lot. We probably would have done a lot better had we toned down our hook sizes….but it was cold and made me a bit lazy.

We did catch quite a few whiting between us, some really chunky little pins they were too. I managed to pull out two dabs, they both had that strange mottled green colour on them. I only tend to see this colouring around the Mersey and the Dee.

We packed up about half an hour after high tide and made the journey home. It’s always good to be out than stuck in, it was cold but with very little wind so not a bad night to be out.

There were a few cars parked on the promenade with no problems.

Visibility was awesome and the pictures don’t do it justice. The Liverpool skyline look amazing.

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