Rhosneigr access point slipway

Rhosneigr Slipway is an access point rather than a traditional slipway.

Access to the sea is at the end of the village on the point just off of High Street. Its straight off the main road onto soft sand before hitting the main beach. As the access point is down the far end of the beach there are far less tourists in this section of beach. The traffic tends to keep them away ie car and tractors movements.

The beach is ok for a 4×4, with parking on the top end of the beach near the access point onto the beach. There is also a tractor service here which I would recommend for larger boats due to the sand.

The high part of the beach is mostly fine to park on general tides but will be covered on big tides.

There is no launch fee for engines under 10hp, registration fee only which lasts 12 months.

Further information on launching and fee’s can be Found HERE. Be sure to check the Anglesey Marine Code and local boating bye laws PDF at the bottom of the page.

The slip way is 20 miles from the Britannia Bridge via A55 and takes just over 40 minutes driving time. Rhosneigr Access point slipway can be found at High St, Rhosneigr LL64 5YJ.

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