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LRF fishing

What is LRF fishing?

LRF is an abbreviation of light rock fishing, something that is increasing in popularity around the UK.

Lrf fishing has its origins in Japan. Specific rods are designed for anglers targeting smaller species, Rockfish (Japanese species) are one of these. As a result specialist rods are sold in the UK to emulate these Japanese style rods. The great thing about LRF is the flexibility and areas that can be fished. Moreover it allows anglers to target a far greater range of sea species. We are lucky as the UK has a huge length of shoreline to fish from. LRF fishing tackle is scaled down to the point of using tiny hooks to enable anglers to catch elusive micro species.

Sea anglers have to some extent placed a lot of emphasis over the years on species with prowess. Species such as Cod, Conger, Rays and Shark species making up the bulk of these for instance. LRF allows anglers to increase there fishing skills by learning new techniques. It requires very different skills and tackle from standard shore or rock fishing. It really has opened up a whole new area of the sport for those who try it.

The internet has helped push some anglers towards LRF as there is an abundance of information available. You know how competitive angling can become and this has been spurred on by social media groups. Fishing clubs and facebook groups for instance now hold yearly species hunts. Often these hunts will have prizes for the top positions within the group. Therefore enticing anglers to take part and show off their catches and for some it’s just for the love of the sport. You have literally no chance of winning these without using LRF, there are far more smaller species available.

What Rod for LRF fishing?

Micro rods are best for LRF. They may not actually be micro but feel that way if you are used to beachcasters! Small, light weight and great for moving around a fishing mark in search of micro species. Generally lrf rods have low weight casting abilith, always use one with enough strength just in case. A large Ballan may be about, I’ve caught them under my feet!

What Reel for LRF fishing?

As with the scaled down rod you will need a smaller reel size to match the rod. Micro reels and up to a 2000 size will be more than ample for smaller species.

What terminal tackle for LRF fishing?

The line you use should be no more than 10lbs however this may be overkill for most species. 6-8lb mono or braid is more suitable for the size of fish you are targeting.

Small or micro jelly lures should be used or even small baited hooks to entice fish. Fish them close in the structures or seaweed.

There are literally loads of small species of fish you can using the LRF method of fishing.

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