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Boat Insurance

Boat insurance is a must, whether it’s for a small inflatable boat (sib) or a super yacht.

Launching small boats from slipways will almost always put you in close proximity to other people. Whether it’s other slipway users or the general public using the beach you maybe launching from. Once on the water there are usually plenty of other small boats around particularly during the summer months. I spend a lot of time around the North Wales coast in my small boat doing fishing or pleasure trips. In order to use any council run slipways you will need to pay a fee which covers you for the year. However in order to pay the fee and use any of the slipways you must have boat insurance if your craft is powered. The certificate must be produced via paper or on your phone to slipway attendants or copies sent if registering your boat online.

No boat insurance means no registration with the borough council and no use of the council run slipways. Gwynedd, Conwy and Anglesey Councils will only accept boat insurance cover with a minimum indemnity of 3 million pounds. Without this access you are virtually unable to launch your boat and these fees and registrations apply to most council run slipways around the country. Accidents are rare but do happen and outboard props among other things can be a particular danger to beach users. Better to be safe than sorry, you may be surprised depending on boat size just how cheap your boat insurance can be. After all unless you live aboard your boat they are often little used items.

Do I need boat insurance

Small personal watercraft such as Kayaks and Canoes (pwc) are not usually covered, all other powered boats types usually are. Legally insuring your boat is not a requirement in the UK, It is always best to be covered for any powered boat for a multitude of reasons. Not all venues will require boat insurance ( such as Ullswater)but most do. Council run slipways at the beach will almost certainly require proof of insurance before allowing you to register and launch.

Why do I need boat insurance?

Getting insurance is a must for any boat owner, you will be covered for alsorts of potential issues.

Risks you will be covered for will be things such as loss or damage to your boat. Collision damage and possibly clean-up costs. Property damage such as damage to other people boats, property or structures. Insurance will also cover bodily injury liability including: lost income, pain and suffering as well as legal expenses. Theft and accidental damage are also covered, its suprising how many boats or engines are stolen each year. Personal belongings may also be covered, usually up to a £1000.

How much cover do I need?

Boat insurance indemnity cover can vary, in North Wales the minimum is 3 million pounds. This is ideally the cover level you should be covered for by your boat insurance. Marine insurance.

Your prize possession should be covered whether on the driveway or on its moorings. It just makes sense and the cost is small in comparison should an accident occur.

There are plenty of Boat insurance providers online, the process is quick and easy to set up. It is far quicker to do than set up car insurance, it is just as important though.

I have inflatable boat insurance with craftinsure and it costs me just £43 for the year. This is for £3m worth of cover, 3.3 metre boat and engine with a combined worth of £2000 so it wont break the bank.

Craftinsure is my provider and its been fine for me so far (not affiliated). Its covers inflatable boats and other small boat pleasure craft, quick an easy to set up too.

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