Lure colours and their visibility in the water column guide

Heres our handy lure colours and their visibility in the water column guide.

Any one that has fishing lures usually has there favorite go to colour for when all else fails. Understanding what colours of the spectrum penetrate through the water and a what depth, may give you the edge. Moreover it may also help you to understand why you fish better with certain colours if you regularly fish in the same sections of the water column.

Colours that do not penetrate well in deeper waters will become invisible at distance. Sight hunters (unless close and dropped in front of) will not be able pick up on the lures as well. Backing that statement up is the colour chart below, its a simple guide and may help you increase catches. Whether from the shore but it comes into its own when fishing in deeper waters from the boat.

Hopefully this will give you something to think about and hopefully a few ideas when out on the lures.

There is some interesting reading on the subject HERE. It gives great info how some fish species evolution has just filtered out red from their vision.

Tight lines

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