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Dogfish, love them or hate them they are around the UK coast in huge numbers.

Many a blank has been saved by a hungry dogfish, usually taking baits hopefully destined for more prestigious fish species.

The shore caught record for Dogfish stands at 4lb 15oz (Abbey Burnfoot, Kirkcudbright) The boat record is surprisingly a little lighter at 4lb 9 oz (Irish Sea, Fleetwood)

Catches of Dogfish can infuriate anglers at times with double headers of them coming in often, As they do not have any real commercial value they are not targeted as such there numbers are very high. Lots of underwater footage on youtube for example will show Dogfish when little else is around. They are edible and were often sold as Rock Salmon in chip shops, it no longer appears on the menu’s. The issue is if not prepared quickly they can have a taste of ammonia and they must be skinned. The skin is very tough and is difficult to peel if not done correctly.

two dogfish caught at Cable Bay

Dogfish seem to have the extraordinary ability to find Mackerel baits, anywhere.

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