Q5 3W Led 350 Lumens mini Flashlight

Ok, it’s a torch. A small torch, compact even but it packs a decent punch.

You can pick torches up cheap at most places these days, Poundland/ world etc. Sometimes you get what you pay for, cheap tat. This torch is like the next level up for a similar price, I had to wait 15 days for it to arrive from China. If you not in a rush or planning a trip away camping or fishing then this is ideal. Compact with a clip for you belt or pocket (mine is always in a pocket) it has a zoom function which is operated by sliding the top section back and forth.

The power button is at the base, to change the battery simply screw of the bottom section and insert a AA battery. Given the amount of light this little torch gives off I thought it would eat batteries but its quite economical. Let’s be honest you can get 10 Panasonic AA from Poundland for….well you know.

I tend to get alkaline batteries as they last a bit longer but there really is no need. Kids nick them for the Xbox pads later hence spending a little more sometimes.

Compact, light weight but definitely in a different league from other cheap models. Has a very good zoom as it reaches a fair distance at night or can flood an area.

Handy for keeping in the glove box, shed, or close to the back door at home. Really bright mini torch, great value.

Pattern Name: Flashlight only
CREE LED Q5 350 Lumens Flashlight Flashlight : CREE Q5 LED mini Torch Output bright can come to above 350 lumens
Model of LED: CREE XR-E Q5 LED
Waterproofing design Aluminum alloy casing Aluminum alloy reflector
3 switch Mode: High / /low/strobe Power by : 1x 14500 or 1xAA(Do not contain)
Colour : Black
Size(mm):92 x25
Weight : 120g
Package Content 100% Brand New 1 x CREE Q5 LED 350Lm mini Torch

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