Fishing Reports

Ty Croes 22.7.18

Spent the night down at Ty Croes just in front of the ranges, to set the tone we had a large group of what I believe were Minke Whale pass us half hour after we arrived. The wind was mild as was the temperature so it made for pretty comfortable fishing…apart from the jagged rocks.

Armed with blow lug, mackerel and squid we had quite a busy night of fishing. First up was a big Ballen wrasse that came from a messed up cast, family friend came with us and had just bought his first rod and reel. I honestly thought it had landed on the rocks but on almost instantly.

We had a steady stream of dogfish throughout the night. Mixed in between were a few other species, it’s a first for me to get a poor cod..scales everywhere. We also got a Cod, wasn’t expecting to catch one at this time of year. We had a surprise Conger eel, nothing of any size, in fact I didn’t know it was on and was literally just about to change bait.

One of the poor Cod was a little on the small size and a little worse for wear so a hooked it up and out it went. After 20 minutes my rod registered a decent bite, it was a belter of a Bull Huss, had to let him go at the waters edge due to conditions.. However the hardest thing to drag in during the night was a crumper of a spider crab!

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